Kala's original picture in the game

Game Information

Controller of time and space. She is a friend of Cornet, but also her enemy. She likes to prank Cornet anytime.


Kala allows the player to toggle the game speed up to x3. She also has a tap ability which stops all enemies on screen for 12 seconds. However, this costs 30 crystals to use. This ability can be used as many times as the player wishes, provided that the player has enough crystals to spend per use.


Kala likes to play pranks on Cornet. She is maybe childish then. (?) It seems that she is also unfair

Other Information

MP request to summon : 0

MP request to upgrade : She cannot be upgraded

MP get when release : 0

Magic detail

Name : Stop the clock

Attack : --

Speed : --

Range : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ability : Stop all enemies for 12 seconds, using 30 crystals.

Element : --

Best Damage : Cornet, -- and --


Summon: "I've got all the time in the world."

Unselect: "Sneak a peek... into time itself."

Release: "Time... to come on back."

Game speed x1: "You like it slow?"

Game speed x2: "You like it fast?"

Game speed x3: "Ah... Impetuous youth."

Ability use: "Time is fair, but I'm not! Hmm hmm!" / "The world of time. Here, time goes on."

Stage clear: "Time is fair, but I'm not! Hmm hmm!"


  • Similar to Luna, only one Kala can be summoned in a stage.
  • When speaking her English quotes, she speaks slower than the Japanese quotes and often pauses during mid-sentence. She speaks normally without pausing in the Japanese quotes.
  • Only her summon, unselect, release, and stage clear quotes can be heard in the help menu.