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Welcome to the DEFENSE WITCHES Wiki

Defense Witches is a strategy game by NEWGATE. It features a variety of female witches with different powers and personalities which fight monsters to protect the world. There are many types of levels with different settings, and contain fun, entertaining manga to read as well as hints to assist you. Below here are all the current witches you can summon for yourselves.

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This game has two kind of characters.

- Witches, the playable characters of the game who protect the Seal Stones.

- Monster, the enemies of the game that try to destroy the Seal Stones for Cornet.

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Iris Theme Snow & Ice (Defense Witches)(03:54)
Another Song NOT MADE BY NEWGATE! (Possible Iris's theme song)
SuperYukkoAdded by SuperYukko


Defense witches doesn't have its official song. But it has some fandub create song for some witches in game.

Name of known songs

- Idiotic Weakling:Wanted Dead or Alive (Lillian's theme song)

Idiotic Weakling Wanted Dead or Alive (Defense Witches)(04:10)
Idiotic Weakling:Wanted Dead or Alive! (Possibly Lillian's theme song , but not made by Newgate)
SuperYukkoAdded by SuperYukko

- Snow & ice (Iris's theme song)

- Dream this ghostly dream (Luna's theme song)

Luna Theme Song Dream This Ghostly Dream! (Defense Witches)(04:08)
Not Made By Newagate (AGAIN) LUNA THEME SONG
SuperYukkoAdded by SuperYukko

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Kala The Defense Witch
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