Daisy (super)'s profile in the game, reached by heading to Daisy's and using "switch".

Daisy (super) is a superordinate form of Daisy that is unlocked by finishing Bingo. It is a more powerful version of Daisy.



super daisy summon

In order to summon her, you need:

  1. to unlock her in the bingo
  2. to have "confirm when you summon a unit" setting on

Summoning details

MP request to summon : 180.

MP request to upgrade : 180(First), 270(Second), 420(Max).

MP get when release : 148(Level 1), 276(Level 2), 468(Level 3), 788(Level 4).

Other information

Her attack range is equivalent to a daisy upgraded to level 3. Her attack damage and attack speed however, are equal to a level 1 daisy.

Super Daisy's attack range does not increase as she levels until she reaches her third upgrade. Her attack speed and damage however do increase.