Bingo is a feature that unlocks a special character (Daisy (super)) when completed. It gives starter quests that guide the player to learn how to play and advance the game.


There are nine requirements to complete the bingo board:

  • Upgrade - upgrading a witch(es) during a game
  • Use full power - using a full power orb(s)
  • Beat Cornet 3 times - defeating cornet a total of three times
  • Clear in HP 1 - clear the stage with a result of 1 HP
    • To complete this easily, make use of the Blue magical flower to distract your witches from attacking when there are exactly enough enemies to bring down the SealStone to 1 HP. An alternative method is to summon Flare.
  • Summon witches - summon a witch(es) during a game
  • Clear the world 1 - clear all stages in world 1 the DEEP FOREST
  • Unlock Chiara - unlock Chiara in world 2
  • Use a big magic - use mighty witches once
  • Summon Daisy 50 times - summon Daisy a total of fifty times


When all the requirements are reached, the witch Daisy (super) is unlocked.


  • The Bingo board is named after the Bingo game, which is a 5x5 square board with the objective to "clear" the game by completing grids to match a line. While bearing resemblance in its appearance to Bingo, the mechanic of Bingo in this game is completely different.